I have studied with teachers from many countries including China, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, England, and the United States, and utilize many styles of practice from their teaching.

I use traditional Chinese Medicine tools of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine which include: 

¬Cupping and gwa sha

¬Moxabustion and TDP (heat treatment)

¬Herbal medicine (pills, powders, decoctions)

I also utilize these additional tools and methods:

Ion Cords

These are Japanese and help regulate the flow of positive and negative ions in the acupuncture meridians. There is an excess of positive ions in the cells where there is pain and inflammation. The cords are germanium alloy wires with a clip on each end to attach to needles. There is a diode at one end to only allow ions to flow in one direction. No outside source of electricity is used. It was invented by Japanese Doctor Manaka in a burn clinic in Japan where many patients were alleviated of burn pain with the use of ion cords.


This machine is from China and emits a variable low frequency sound wave in the range of 5 to 20 Hertz (cycles per second). It is a sound that is too low to hear but the gentle vibration can be felt. The company that manufactures the machine, China Healthways Institute calls it a “Qi Gong Machine” because the emitted low frequency sound matches the emission of the Qi Gong energy healers in ancient and modern China. More information about infrasound is found on the website:

Electro-acupuncture with both milli-amperage and micro-amperage.

This utilizes wires clipped directly to acupuncture needles stimulated with a low amplitude device.


This machine is a Japanese electronic stimulator that both locates and treats acupuncture points with a metal probe. It is particularly useful on the face for chronic and acute sinus problems with patients who are fearful of facial needling.

Lifestyle consultation

Dietary advice, exercises, and specific movements to balance repetitive motion injuries.

Tuina and non-force manipulation.

Shoni Shin – traditional Japanese method of treating children and babies without acupuncture needles


Treatments with acupuncture usually last about 45 minutes.

The fees are as follows: (January 2009)

Acupuncture – $60

Electro-Acupuncture – $75

Initial office visit – $15 – $25

(depending on time)

Insurance is accepted if acupuncture is a benefit on your plan. I will bill the insurance company for the balance after the co-payment and deductible is paid.

I am a Contracted Provider with:

Blue Shield , Medco, United Health, Aetna,  MediCal

Many health insurance companies in California will cover part of the acupuncture treatment if the provider is not in the network. This includes Blue Cross (Anthem)