My role as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine is to help people find balance in their physical, mental, and emotional lives, and provide the treatments and tools so they are empowered to re-establish balance within the fluctuations of their life.

Illness and pain are usually the result of imbalances caused by traumatic injury, poor diet, emotional stress, family history/genetics, overwork, poor physical posture (repetitive motion), weak immunity (bacteria and virus are everywhere) and poor sleep.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine alone do not cure illness or ease pain. The doctor must advise the patient of changes that need to be made in their life. The patient and doctor work together to create balance and bring good health. Often this is accomplished by balancing the Yin (quiet, passive, cool) and Yang (active, aggressive, hot) factors in their life. People can have yin or yang predominance in their constitution, diet, occupation, emotions, physical activity, stresses, etc.

For the Doctor of Traditional Oriental Medicine, science, philosophy, intuition, and touch are used to design treatments to help people create balance in their lives.  The tools include acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional advice, physical advice, massage and physical manipulation (tuina), and more.

Life will always have challenges, stresses and fluctuations.  In achieving good health, the path itself becomes the goal. The state of ill health or dis-ease can be considered a step in the empowerment of people to make the personal changes necessary to reach the elusive state of good health.